Live in conversation with 2D & Murdoc from Gorillaz.

Live in conversation with 2D & Murdoc from Gorillaz.
Join Telekom Electronic Beats for the online event of the century, where Mistajam will be hosting a live interview with 2D & Murdoc from Gorillaz, 3pm GMT April 20th 2017, direct from the YouTube Space London. Please post your questions below, with your name and where you are from. We will be choosing the best ones  at random.

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thebird - 2017-04-28
Who's voicing Murdock and 2D?

Sabrina Westhauser - 2017-04-28
Alguém sabe se já tem essa entrevista legendado? Br

Miss Nae` - 2017-04-28

Miss Nae` - 2017-04-28
0:21 gaaaasp

JoyLivesOn - 2017-04-28
I seriously cant find the lenz app anywhere on the app store

Bridget O'Neill - 2017-04-28
9:13 A W L M I L O I F E

LazyLies - 2017-04-28
What the fuck happened to Murdoc in jail. Gesus he's all fucked up in the brain...

Fuk Yuu - 2017-04-28
Why does this feel like a Rick and morty skit

Butt Mash - 2017-04-28
Wish i could have been there

Wolf The Killer - 2017-04-28
2D in 3D

Oliver - 2017-04-28
oh let me tell you mr jam

pea poom - 2017-04-28

Jordan Moffett - 2017-04-28
0:55 H E S  T H E  P R O B L E M M M

Icecold Angel - 2017-04-28
sympathic guy this murdoc. . give that man a B A F F

Garrus Vakarian - 2017-04-28
b a s t a r d b a s s p l a y e r

Xvital Master - 2017-04-28
2-D is high as fuck

Audrey Woods - 2017-04-28
five reasons why this terrifies me? Murdoc is more batshit than ever. Everyone run away and as far away as possible from this goblin from hell.

1) Murdoc
2) Murdoc
3) Murdoc
4) Murdoc
5) Murdoc

Sir Dontgiveafuck - 2017-04-28
2D is now 3D..

Samii Treblesoul - 2017-04-28
All I'm seeing are comments about Murdoc... What about 2D?
"All my loife..."

Youmi Carter - 2017-04-28
Murdoc is vibrating and one eye is moving and the other is just staying there XD

preachy Mink - 2017-04-28
I enjoyed Murdocs vibrating

Punished venom cat - 2017-04-28
murdoc is a Satanist but is still somehow scared of trump

Punished venom cat - 2017-04-28
7:44 murdoc made me cum too

Grambee - 2017-04-28
it's so scripted and i freaking love it.
Just how much effort is put into staying in character.. You can tell that 2D has a toothpick brain and Murdoc has indeed come in contact with Satan himself.

JayTheRandomOne - 2017-04-28
As I was slipping into the bath. I knew. This was going to be a meme

SassyLils - 2017-04-28
Murdoc genuinely makes me uncomfortable.

Bluxx Taps - 2017-04-27
Murdoc speak si funny

Usernames Are Overrated - 2017-04-27
21:59 what a cute smile XD

MLG FaZe 420 BlazeIt 1337 Instaswap 360 MLG - 2017-04-27
A L L M Y L O I F E.

Usernames Are Overrated - 2017-04-27
4:11 lol love murdocs laugh XD

Usernames Are Overrated - 2017-04-27
lol what happens with murdocs eye? 4:02

blooming gold - 2017-04-27
This is random but what happened to alleyesongorillaz
the channel just completely disappeared

めい はつこい さん - 2017-04-27
Interviewer: "Murdoc doesn't even know what's on the album."
Murdoc: "I resemble that statement!"

Div ‍ - 2017-04-27
9:13 all my loife

jaynellle ceasor - 2017-04-27

Jakob Laca - 2017-04-27
Absolutely loved this interview I kinda wish Murdoc was more like the murdoc in the MTV cribs interview though, I feel like he's a little too much in this one still love the creation this is why I love the gorillaz

Jack Rutledge Goembel - 2017-04-27
So good

Welcome To Wonderland - 2017-04-27
"All mi loife" xD

Gael martinez garcia - 2017-04-27
Wait a moment.......IS 2-D IN 3-D???

liamlo2007-comedy and minecraft! - 2017-04-27
0:26 Shut up 2-D

imover18ization - 2017-04-27
Am I the only one who appreciates all of the work put into creating all of the different content promoting Humanz? It just makes me even more hype to listen to the entire thing! Gorillaz is band. Fucking. Goals.

avnub - 2017-04-27
shaddap 2D

Kedamoan - 2017-04-27
murdoc sounds like hes constantly on the verge of an ear shattering orgasm

donkey laughing - 2017-04-27
tour please.....

toris - 2017-04-27
murdoc vibrates intensely

Murdoc's Pickle - 2017-04-27

Wil Wingates - 2017-04-27
And 2-D playing imaginary Theremin to calm Murdock. Love it!

MLPfim And DBZ Fan - 2017-04-27

Moritz Seeburger - 2017-04-27
has 2D his lifemotto from my favourite german rapper casper? in one of his songs he literally sings in the end everything is fine and if its not fine then its not the end. or ist this from somebody else?

NoobWithAFez - 2017-04-27