10 Most Shocking Live Stream Moments Ever Recorded

10 Most Shocking Live Stream Moments Ever Recorded
top 10 live stream twitch broadcast caught on camera
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Our ability to see the world has expanded greatly over the last several decades. Naturally, many years ago what we saw of the world was limited to our line of sight or any pictures available. Flight, space travel and satellite television all expanded that view considerably from the 1940s to the 1990s. Then, with the internet, the world got even smaller, almost overnight. Email, pictures and text could be sent anywhere with a connection instantly. The arrival of the smartphone made this process even faster and more efficient and the improvement in internet and cellphone infrastructure soon meant video could be streamed almost effortlessly. 
Those obsessed with video quality may turn their noses up at the quality of video often available on live streams vs HD television, but for many of us it’s good enough. This is especially the case since live streams can take place seemingly anywhere and at any time. Whether a fixed camera outside, a webcam or a smartphone, the flexibility of live streaming means you can watch things not covered by regular television Often, live streams can be boring. However, in some instances the content can be incredibly shocking or bizarre. From public acts of affection to pranks gone wrong to gang warfare, these following live streams definitely qualify as being some of the most shocking and bizarre ever recorded. 
People have an insatiable appetite to know what’s going on right now in any number of locations around the world. Traditional 24-hour news channels used to be the way to do that. This was replaced by internet news sites which, in turn, were replaced by social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. For those who want more than text, live streams give you an eye to almost anywhere in the world at any time. Just be warned, as the following examples prove, there can be more than a few unsettling and strange streams going on out there at any time.

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Tyhler Novac - 2017-04-25
my girlfriend posted a sonogram picture of my son Declan the Dj (his videos are on my channel).. on Facebook she was asked to take down cause some person was offended.. said it was inappropriate.. the viewer was an Internet creeper and there profile was deleted... my girlfriend had 200 likes on pic .

Alex The Rainbow Llama - 2017-04-07

zeus ares - 2017-03-31
She hot

Chillu Pari - 2017-03-30
next is me:
YouTuber Chillu Pari failed to show CP's funeral live on YouTube. all that was seen was a black screen.

onlythewise1 - 2017-03-25
they need to raise drunk driving limit to .09

Lilcostcoboi - 2017-03-25
hey when you were doing this vid that was the day its my 7 birthday

thepap 000 - 2017-03-02
Hey I plan to do the longest live stream on YouTube but I don't know what the longest one is I think its 75 hours but I'm not sure anyone know ?

Pixel Guy - 2017-02-24

CHEBTAB - 2017-02-23
Everyone sub to me i need 3 more

Green shirt 444556 - 2017-02-16
the Richest can you Do a live steam?

jonathan schenck - 2017-01-25
it is the 4th class of of people aka the overly richer than the richest class that is covering up the Nasa feed.

Lance - 2017-01-18
suicide is apparently illegal ._.

21PILOTS Fanclub - 2017-01-15
who likes 21pilots

21PILOTS Fanclub - 2017-01-15

NeckbeardOutlaw - 2017-01-10
I love watching the 24/7 streams from outer space, it really calms me down.

Pedro Rebelo - 2017-01-09
1:44 and a guy can say "hahaha" YES"

Adam De Sousa - 2017-01-07
The richest are pieces of shit for not showing the videos (ones that are shown on other lists)

Kingleazard - 2017-01-04
what a crap video

Migos Offset - 2017-01-04
Video games are always awesome:D ❤️

mgkpraesi - 2017-01-02
So you want a thumbs up for this and dont even show the moments?...Lol..

DJ delarious - 2016-12-31
who lives streams a damn funeral its retarded to do that

John bounds - 2016-12-26
if aliens are real dragons are real. and that not in the Bible. it would tell us.
😒. so it's light's

Lita Zarpentine - 2016-12-22

Fluffy Unicorn - 2016-12-11
I still think that Livestreams are better though as you can just exit if something happens and you can speak to people all over the world live through the chat. Anyone agree with me??

Lucario Gaming - 2016-12-10
Do a top 10 who raged on a livestream

WynnCat - 2016-12-10
i think for the ufo one that nasa doesn't want to cause any panic in case it IS a ufo...

The Emerald Minecart //Alex - 2016-12-06
Also, Ufos have been spotted when the super moon was here

Just Another Brutha - 2016-12-04
Anyone else spot the Breaking Benjamin tattoo at 5:24?

Rekt Gona - 2016-12-02

Slimey Slime - 2016-12-02

Richard Twoey - 2016-11-29
How cool was the British cop? Bit different from the over reacting 'Muricans

Dominic Ackerman - 2016-11-26

Ghoust_pinto10 20 - 2016-11-25
Oh my all of these are embarrassing

shelby - 2016-11-23

FoxGamer_Xx - 2016-11-21
i subscribeed

Hugh Mungus - 2016-11-19
Childbirth is gross, I don't care how precious the little fucker is, bloody torn vaginas are an instant no.

meowgoesthedog - 2016-11-18
5:34 cholos in arizona? NNNNNOOOO (!)

Tom Yazel - 2016-11-15
I did not know para-gliding is considered a sport?  but it is brazil and they think soccer is a sport so?

CrazyGirl80808 Forever - 2016-11-07
Amazing Video!!!

monicka lynn - 2016-10-30
Must be a damn good lightbulb

Jadin King - 2016-10-26
if you guys subscribe to me ill sub to you guys

roboticskull robot - 2016-10-22

BroGaming 499 - 2016-10-22
please sub

a channel that don't upload anymore - 2016-10-17
Egg's Benedict

Tara Shaon - 2016-10-04
I love your videos :) and your voice always calm me down :) keep going girl

Majestic - 2016-10-04
the lightbulb one was so shocking i had to cover my son's eyes

LilJay Vlogs - 2016-10-02


Sheriff Woody Pride - 2016-09-26
Can I have free likes and subscribes for free?

Jessica Lee 196 - 2016-09-25