lillian britto mendez - 2017-08-29

WDW._.loveleys * Why Don't We - 2017-08-28
1:15 I started crying when I heard that damn laugh 😵😭

Jack Griffin - 2017-08-24
Ed kinda sounds like Obama, sometimes.

maya jaypal - 2017-08-19
you mean bill nye the science guy

Sebastian .Mel. Michaelis - 2017-08-19
I love how distorted he looks.

Cameron Campbell - 2017-08-17
Ed. Eddie. Edwood.

Melizza Claasen - 2017-08-16
Fuck this shit

DropDeadSexyGinger - 2017-08-14
My name is Bill Wilkins, and I'm 72 years old

Dragon Fox - 2017-08-13
I like the way ed talks tough at the spirit

Radiohead Obsession - 2017-08-09
He so chill talking to Satan

Juan G - 2017-08-02
"Idk, if I did I could help you" 😂

l3lood- Hunter - 2017-07-29
why fucking transform a scary mysterious demon into a character that has the intellect of a 6 year old? The reason why Insidious was so scary is because that fucking grandma was absolutely terrifying. The devil character in Insidious ruined it for me

Gabriel Borges Mansur - 2017-07-23

Swanika - 2017-07-17

Earl Kelly - 2017-06-25
absolutely genius directing. how a scene can be so disturbing with just one camera angle and only two characters speaking is unbelievable.

اميرة بكلمتي - 2017-06-17

jrag1000 - 2017-06-15
They did a good job with this movie, it's so hard to do scary today...

Aliyah Morgan - 2017-06-10
I have been talking about it a long time now I am sked.

Teresa Marces - 2017-06-08
kilan po ba ang showing ng CONJURING 3?

PalmurcioWorld - 2017-06-01
This scene was so amazingly directed, using the focus pull to transform Janet into Bill in front of our own eyes.

Full Comic Alchemist - 2017-04-09
This is probably the best scene I've ever seen in a horror movie the way the blur changes shape slowly but never reveals itself

Kelsey T - 2017-03-30
whats even creepier is that even when shes blurred out you can see the outline of a man

Krpa - 2017-03-30
this bill haves the same voice like woods in black ops XD

chrissy - 2017-03-19
anyone else think he sounds like a creepy jason stateman? lol

Maizy Moo123 - 2017-03-14
Amit J im your 200th subscriber!! Congrats!! <3

anonymousandcool - 2017-03-12
rip off of the exorcist

Jessica Keevill - 2017-03-05
I think Janet was possessed

Nikilesh Perera - 2017-03-04
where are they=Batman

Amanda Eklund - 2017-03-04
I wanted to know how she looked like😞why couldn't we see that?😖😖

Carlos.ferr98 Clegane - 2017-03-03
Why you don't just leave this people alone?

CCLOROX BLEACH !!!! - 2017-02-25
Scroll backup pussy

madison wilkins - 2017-02-22
kill valak

madison wilkins - 2017-02-22
my last name is Wilkins and my grandfather's name is Bill wilkins

Bill Smith - 2017-02-18
Here I come... is that what I am... is that what I'm doing.. ed... eddy... Edward... your father calls u Edward... muahhahahagrggsghh cough cough... BECAUSE THIS IS MY HOUSE.... YES IT IS... I come here to see my family... they're not here now... WHERE ARE THEY.. I don't need ur help!, I don't believe in that... I'm not a heaven man!, EGGGGHHHH MAHHH!!... HELP! IT LET GOOOOOOOO....!

super girl - 2017-02-16
i don't like Janet

It's Game Time - 2017-02-10
From looking at Janets body I think for every few seconda Bill is shaping shifting into his normal demomic form.

AJ - 2017-02-05
After seeing this movie a few times, I think to myself, How would this movie be if Mark Hamill played the part of Bill Willkins? An English accent, joker laugh, and a demon? Does anyone else agree with me on this?

tea nigalidze - 2017-02-04

William Dobbs - 2017-02-02
Idk why but it seems more comical than scary lol

Fev Ola - 2017-02-02
You have no dominion here ,Jesus is lord and saviour he is the Alpha and the Omega.

Hamza Alenzei - 2017-01-25
ed wood 😂😂👌

Roshanda Meal - 2017-01-19
horror movie and TV shows UK is scary movie

Jaliya Oma - 2017-01-09
can't see da full movie

Grand Theft Auto 5 Low Viewers YouTuber lmfbo - 2017-01-04
I love the laugh of that demon lol

WolfieGR - 2016-12-24
Wait, if Bill wasn't the real evil, then why when he saw the cross he start to... do that noises he do..
And if Bill didn't wanted to no harm, then why he was hurting the girl?
Orrrr then why he wasn't tell the truth about the demon by the beggining?

K-pop In your area - 2016-12-24
this movie was very interesting

Vaishnavi Shivshankar - 2016-12-16
Laugh Of The Valak i thought it was vomitting

Kawaii Ivy - 2016-12-01
1:34 "Because this is MY HOUSE!" so hilarious.

btsismyspiritanimal yay - 2016-11-30
its little funny in the beginning

Ivy Richards - 2016-11-20
Bill bill bill

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