Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Live Stream – Day 4 | The Star Wars Show LIVE!

Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Live Stream – Day 4 | The Star Wars Show LIVE!
Watch The Star Wars Show LIVE!'s complete live stream of day four at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, including interviews on the stage, panels, and much more! 


eman younis - 2017-04-28
best celebration everrr

JZL15017 - 2017-04-22
1:09:35 somebody hit the wrong button 😂

Yagmur Ekinci - 2017-04-21
iki saat bekletiyolar

Yagmur Ekinci - 2017-04-21
iki saat bekletiyolar

Joshua Walters - 2017-04-21
4:05:01 Dude, you deserve a metal for that bravery.

Adrian Africa - 2017-04-20
R2-KT was missing from the droids panel :(

Rule of 2 Review - 2017-04-20
5:20:54 Oh hey. That's ME! >_<

Chris Camacho - 2017-04-20
she got smoked into my processor and made me hold up a symbiotic for 420 building.... I want to be the Right Hand of GOD, which by the way soccer ball ive AA is on it. ...

Chris Camacho - 2017-04-20
mojavi desert that's where I build for star wars, NYFA... in Lincoln, dude, nat?

LucasTV Toys - 2017-04-20
Who else thinks they should extend the 4 day celebration to around 365 days?

oneeyedgeek - 2017-04-19
Are you going to post the 40th Annerversary panel that started the weekend? Or did I somehow miss that in the Day 1 live stream?
I think there was also a Behind The Scenes of Rogue One panel, but I did not see that one either.

Emperor Palpatine - 2017-04-19
Why does that women who's wearing a Satine costume look like Kellyanne Conway

LockedOnTarget Show - 2017-04-19
"All 3 eras of Starwars" makes me nerd rage. No love for the great mythos of the Old Republic. I would still much rather have a battlefront game set in that era: the setpieces are grander, the heroes are more believable, and its from a time when jedi AND sith were rank and file so you could use them as nonhero units.

NonBinary Droid - 2017-04-19

Fazbear and Friendz - 2017-04-18
Don't ever stop making Star Wars movies

Pawlacz - 2017-04-18

Spartan Turtle - 2017-04-18

DaiBenduMonk - 2017-04-18
Dave Filoni = Obi-Wan spinoff confirmed 1:28:30

Danny Do - 2017-04-18
5:50:24 I got goosebump when that score of John Williams conductor appears once again at the ending. I love the soundtrack of SW3 Revenge Of The Sith : Battle Over Corussant at the End Credit. It's reminds me a lot of good times in 2005 when the SW3 was released. That's Star Wars so much. May The Force be with you❤️

Go Video - 2017-04-18

Alec Bethune - 2017-04-18
That smile at 4:05:02

jezzzieful - 2017-04-18
When you're a huge SW fan, but you're also a poor student living in Sweden and this is the closest you will ever get to SW celebration.

Or- Ceros - 2017-04-18
5:42:34 paolaaaaaaaaaaaa

Shakotan Badass - 2017-04-18
Can Warwick Davis have a nightshow like Jimmy Kimmel?

cwopre - 2017-04-18
droid-related question that has bothered me forever: why didn't Anakin ever recognize/remember Artoo and 3PO after he became Vader?

Noble Narwhalr - 2017-04-18
if this was a livestream, then how were they able to how footage of the upcoming panels in the beginning?

Gregory Bancroft - 2017-04-18

Noble Narwhalr - 2017-04-18
how I spent my weekend...

Eric Piche - 2017-04-18
Thank you Star Wars!

A Stormtrooper _ - 2017-04-17
Home sweet home.

justntime5 - 2017-04-17
That gun better have some serious kick if it will be in Battlefront II.

Benji Bob Productions - 2017-04-17
For Kenny Baker at first it says 1936-2016 but then it say 1934-2016

ZeratKJ - 2017-04-17
Droids panel - epik, feel sorry for the rebels to end, and going back to Clone Wars 2003 animation style, not a fan of the game, feel sorry for Hamil, he couldn't speak :(
Epic 40 years.. hope for more :)

Skywalker1138 - 2017-04-17
Natalie Portman at a SWC is the ultimate dream.

Star Wars Underground - 2017-04-17
Cant wait for Celebration 50,love to see where Star Wars is at

random encounter - 2017-04-17
If you came looking for Mark Hamill panel in HD: 2:15:33

wikikomoto - 2017-04-17
1:09:36 LOL

May04bwu - 2017-04-17
Lol Mark was probably supposed to answer some questions on that small public stage.

Plastic Life - 2017-04-17
show starts at @6:02

vinkir - 2017-04-17
круто и хорошо

Gameplayer33 - 2017-04-17
Thank GOD for a week with no SJWs or WSJ, star wars is where we go to meet Normal people

NicoParasite - 2017-04-17
I think this is the best celebration i´ve ever seen, there were soo many feels and emotions,so many amazing moments and reveals!! long live Star Wars and happy 40th anniversary everyone!

Joey Lafko - 2017-04-17

Parker Zink - 2017-04-17
5:49:57 - 5:50:01 This is not fair! Warwick had to leave the next Star Wars Celebration location as a top secret! HE CAN'T DO THAT!

CreativeThinker - 2017-04-17
4:04:59 ...whoops... wrong convention.

Faross - 2017-04-17
I see my hands at 2:11:52 dumb sign was in my way.

CID1973 - 2017-04-17
I saw many words for Kenny and Carrie...but what about Cristopher Lee or Julian Glover?

GrantSmithBass - 2017-04-17
Closing Event - They forgot to give Chewie his medal ...............

RATER3101 - 2017-04-17
5:42:34 <3 Paola del Castillo

Qafley Badrulhisham - 2017-04-17
hey in the next star wars movie can you make captain rex return pls he disobeyed order 66