Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Live Stream – Day 3 | The Star Wars Show LIVE!

Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Live Stream – Day 3 | The Star Wars Show LIVE!
Watch The Star Wars Show LIVE!'s complete live stream of day three at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, including interviews on the stage, panels, and much more! 


DruMeister - 2017-04-28
2:07:48 Dayumm Kelly Marie Tran is pretty adorable.

Koi Pond - 2017-04-27
Yay I see myself in the front row.

jaguarsharkman - 2017-04-26
1977 Star wars: one of the greatest movies of all time
2015 The Force Awakens: one of the greatest swindles of all time.
Do you feel cheated???

Jared Bennett - 2017-04-26
3:47:22 you can hear the audio directions to Warwick on what to talk about next. thats kinda cool, i love the unintentional peek behind the scenes there :P

Talon Diwisch - 2017-04-26
That Mandolarian dude in dark grey should have totally won at least 1st or 2nd. That costume was amazing.

Talon Diwisch - 2017-04-26
Didn't agree with any of the winners for the best likeness in the Cosplay competition. I totally would have chose Asaj Ventress, the girl in the white gown/dress. (Whatever it's called) and the old Luke Skywalker.

Cain Bros - 2017-04-25
3:47:20 You can hear someone from behind the scenes talking to Warwick about what to talk about next, which is Carrie Fisher.

Ray's Reviews - 2017-04-23
Hasbro if you read this, stop ruining the Star Wars brand with low detail vehicles and figures with only 5 points of articulation. It was way better years ago.

Fred Ganter - 2017-04-23
Thanks for making these available on YouTube. Even for those of us who were at Celebration, we couldn't catch everything. Being able to catch up on what me missed is awesome.

Talon Diwisch - 2017-04-23
Am I the only one who saw the Kylo Ren cosplay change from brown to black? I'm so confused!

Daniel Stojkovski - 2017-04-23
What day did they show the concept art of Iden's father on the Death star?

KallaBeccani - 2017-04-22
I always have to squeal when I watch both Friday and Saturday live panels. I am the white wookiee dancing in both. My pride and joy is in that costume and it was the first showing of it. She is still not quite finished but was enough to wear it to Celebration. I was on about 7:25:00 just after Ray Park

Lord Ewok - 2017-04-22
Ashley Eckstein is the reason the crystal trooper won there were better cosplays.Such Han on the Tauntaun R2D2 mechi know that toke alot of effort to make but was not the best.

Mr. Assassin - 2017-04-22
Star Wars Battlefront II looks amazing! Could be one of the greatest Star Wars games of all time!

Talon Diwisch - 2017-04-22
Love seeing all the ethnicities at Star Wars Celebration. Especially at this Battlefront panel. A German dude, French woman, Canadian. Just awesome. Also, I'm Canadian which is why it's even more awesome.

Talon Diwisch - 2017-04-22
I had forgotten Denis Lawson was coming. What a great attitude he had. Nice to see had somewhat of a change of heart to all the Star Wars craziness.

Talon Diwisch - 2017-04-22
Denis Lawson actually sounds like Ewan McGregor quite a bit.

CreativeThinker - 2017-04-22
8:55:56 This guy has the coolest dance moves ever...

1RacerXer - 2017-04-21
Steve Blum will always be Spike Spiegel to me.

Logan Gran Cappello - 2017-04-21
Ahsoka lives!

Adrian Africa - 2017-04-21
9:48:49 Star Wars isn't Star Wars without the Wilhelm Scream

Talon Diwisch - 2017-04-20
Boy, that Christine girl..

MhaNameRex - 2017-04-20
EA Star Wars Battlefront 2 Panel at 4:26:37

Talon Diwisch - 2017-04-20
You can never tell when Max Scoville is serious or not. He doesn't know how to laugh.

Talon Diwisch - 2017-04-20
What's with random Star Wars haters, Trek lovers in the crowd? Shouldn't even be there. 2:21:00

Talon Diwisch - 2017-04-20
Can someone tell me what the crowd is looking at? How do they know when they're on the screen?

Talon Diwisch - 2017-04-20
38:20 Two coolest stormtrooper costumes.

Talon Diwisch - 2017-04-20
Something tells me Andi should get into the product manufacturing business...

Darth Levy - 2017-04-19
39:34 Hayden Christiansen Interview

Smittychlorians - 2017-04-19
At 4:04:05 you'll start to hear this one guy screaming over everyone else that cheers going into the part with Dennis Lawson. Guess who stood in front of him? Me. Man was he annoying. I'm glad he left before the Battlefront II panel.

Legolas Elfman - 2017-04-18
At 4:02:41 after the question Billy Dee Williams asks Warwick Davis if he's in the new Star Wars movie, Davis says "yes, no," then he says he doesn't know what Williams is talking about. He kind of gave it away. But Billy Dee Williams needs to return as Lando in Episode 8 and 9.

Pawlacz - 2017-04-18

RogueJyn - 2017-04-18
So glad I got to meet Felicity! I crush on her pretty hard.

Dominik Kulcsár - 2017-04-18
Smuggler's revenge was perfect!

Jerry Jr Beckett - 2017-04-18
In the teaser trailer, when Luke Skywalker says, "it's time for the Jedi to end"... I believe he's saying this just after Ray's arrival. I believe she then talks Luke into training her. She renews his HOPE in the force.

Alan Pedroza - 2017-04-18

Darth Skygamer - 2017-04-18
I hope Qui-Gon is playable in Battlefront II.

Destroyer Of Worlds - 2017-04-18
Did anyone watch the whole thing?

EccentricM - 2017-04-17
8:41:12 "Stir whip, stir whip, whip whip stir!"

Woow, rofl.

Donald McRonald - 2017-04-17
So we are getting the last season of star wars rebels, we are getting star wars battlefront 2, a long awaited game, we re getting star wars episode and we have already gotten star wars aftermath empire's end, thrawn and we have inferno squad and phasma to look forward to. 2017 is an awesome star wars year

Herr Maurrus - 2017-04-17
#Ahsoka alive thank your very munch dave Filonie. Ahsoka is back

Darth Skygamer - 2017-04-17
Injustice 2, Spider-man ps4, Battlefront II. Oh man this is going to be amazing.

MegaMr46 - 2017-04-17
Phil Szostak? Wasn't he part of the 1313 crew? How did he get rehired?

Crabbok - 2017-04-17
0:38:38 Sarlacc Hat!

Faross - 2017-04-17
I see me at 4:26:42!

Darth Vader - 2017-04-17
Somebody give the guys who booed at the Battlefront 2 Pre Order "bonuses" a medal 5:10:37

Joey Taylor - 2017-04-17
I like that baby at 1:07:00 (my sister on my dad)

Darth Vader - 2017-04-17
Billy D looks like he's lost some weight

maskedassface - 2017-04-17
Smashmouth's All Star? what does shrek has to do with star wars?

hunterknight4 - 2017-04-17
I never thought I would like that radio play as much as I did...made me feel like a child again!