The Jimmy Dore Show Live Stream

The Jimmy Dore Show Live Stream


Thomas Fields - 2017-04-24
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Domeshine Clown - 2017-04-23
WTF was that at 0:32?

Crunch - 2017-04-22
This is life under the Kremlin puppet, Don the Con, Thief in Chief. I know because I watch the Rachel Moscow show on MSNBC. As we all know MSNBC stands for...

Get Real - 2017-04-22
Proof austerity doesn't work.

Jarbones - 2017-04-22
YouToob prolly demonetized this one on principle... you know, or lack thereof.

Jarbones - 2017-04-22
It's still going to. Crazy workaholic, is Mr. Jimmy.

Comando96 - 2017-04-21
Jimmy tries to use google hangouts xD

Harijot Singh - 2017-04-21
This is absolutely amazing. Exponentially more likes than dislikes and an entertaining and engaging series of comments... from nothing. Just says how TJDS is giving the real message and people are liking it.

Joe Butler - 2017-04-21
10/10 best content yet

Garrick Edralin - 2017-04-21
Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign message had to evolve from somewhere.

linda ricard - 2017-04-21
did they get jimmy

pepe la pew - 2017-04-21

Matthew Washburn - 2017-04-21
"Sorry, YouTube machine broke"

karl winsbro420 - 2017-04-21
Learned more than I would watching fox news

Pierre du Plessis - 2017-04-21
That was superb!

Christoffer Dyre - 2017-04-21
One of your best shows so far :) give ample room for imagination :o)

fera wera - 2017-04-21
This is really deep. Makes you think.. What if there were nothing?

The Trumpian - 2017-04-21
In space no one can hear you scream.

The Trumpian - 2017-04-21
This is the starship enterprise. It's 5 year mission ...

The Trumpian - 2017-04-21
No one escapes the black hole that is the DNC

The Trumpian - 2017-04-21
Great show I was on the edge of my seat the entire time 10 out 10 riveting must see.

The Laughing Man - 2017-04-21
The Jimmy Dore Show live from fucking nowhere

Cliff M - 2017-04-21
Jimmy, while this video is absolutely riveting and highly intellectual, you're going to have to dumb it down for the Fox and MSNBC audiences, so try making the screen even blacker.

Raymond Smith Kersh - 2017-04-21
Is this your attempt to do a monetized story on Syria? lol.

Wonder Woman - 2017-04-21
This is exactly how the rhetoric of democratic party sounds like.

DN 13 - 2017-04-21
LMAO! 138 comments on 48 seconds of a black screen. Damn, Jimmy. You're good. Lol

BramSLI1 - 2017-04-21
This is easily the worst show Jimmy has ever done. Still easily eclipses Russian Madcow's best show. Nicely done!

samon531 - 2017-04-21
Please don't delete or hide this video the comments are a perfect time capsule.

James Kirk - 2017-04-21

i didn't see that twist coming at the end

felixgraphx - 2017-04-21
Someone saisd "FAKE NEWS" and the stream got cut!

Karl Knight - 2017-04-21
J.D. nails it!

Controversy Owl - 2017-04-21

Bradley B - 2017-04-21
It's the audio book version of "Reasons To Vote For Democrats".

TheKijib - 2017-04-21

Jimmy Cotreau - 2017-04-21

TobaccoRowe - 2017-04-21
Duh go to live steaming
push events
push start a event now
check-mark the box that says use google style hangouts
fill in title box
push start
wait for app to download
push start broadcast

theFurstyFerret - 2017-04-20
A look deep into the heart of the Democratic Party

T.BONE/SIDE OF LIFE - 2017-04-20
jimmy streamed in the dark so trump can still hog all the limelight or this is bill OReilly's new set. if I wanted to look at a "black box" oops! I'll stop right there, an OReilly flashback!

Full Plebeian - 2017-04-20
Jimmy Dore, the Malevich of youtube.

Tupael Khan - 2017-04-20
There's no sound.

C D - 2017-04-20
Was the live show for members?

Chris Shawn - 2017-04-20
And now for a glimpse into our future......

David Johnson - 2017-04-20
maybe this one will get a commercial

David Johnson - 2017-04-20
the DNC finally got him......

Kaname Tōsen - 2017-04-20
Wait... silent video? Like the silent majority who control the democratic party? Black screen? Like the black/dark screen of money that covers the democrats incorporated? Darked out, unfound pinned Jimy Dore comment...? And all of this after I just watched an RT video of the Paris shooting! Jimmy Dore is eithr doing 6D chess like Alex Jones or he is a Russian psyop used as controlled opposition. If he doesn't take down this video within the hour I will know for sure that he has direct links with Putin and the Russian oligarchs. You have 59 more minutes "Jimmy".

Kaname Tōsen - 2017-04-20
This was better than anything The majority report could do. keep up the good work.

Robert Simer - 2017-04-20
The video has been blacked out.

OneEyedMonster - 2017-04-20
Somewhere Hillary Clinton is cackling!!!

Paragon - 2017-04-20
It's 4/20, clearly Jimmy is high af.

MrB1923 - 2017-04-20
Some of your best work Jimmy.