Gentle Stream #1 - 11 hours - Gentle Rivers & Streams, nature sound, relaxing water

Gentle Stream #1 - 11 hours - Gentle Rivers & Streams, nature sound, relaxing water
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Relaxing Music & Yoga - 2017-07-04
After a long stay in South East Asia our audio recording gear has migrated to Eastern Canada. Sounds of falling leaves coming soon. Insert Monty Python leaves falling ahhhhhh reference :)

Zobros - 2017-12-11

malin lundström - 2017-12-11
wonderful but why dosent it move

jesus daughter - 2017-12-08
Amazing 🖒🖒🖒😴

Jack Fry - 2017-11-30
Its so true

Jack Fry - 2017-11-30
you suck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Little_ Gamer_nexus Yaw - 2017-11-24
can i get 25 subs plzz then my dad will let me have an Xbox or a ps4 for Christmas

Ousman Mohammed - 2017-11-24

TheMcPhersonTape - 2017-11-18
Bookmark- 41:44

Milkshake Dog - 2017-11-06
I accidentally slept in class while listening to this

J Hu - 2017-11-06
nice! like the scene - BUT would prefer if the scenery is recorded in REAL TIME with water flowing...

Orestis Agathagelou - 2017-11-05
i low the voice and just put this to charge my phone at night so it doesnt go to sleep😂😂😂 still tho great video

X Blake Freeman X - 2017-11-04
I came here because I needed to pee

Jonah FX & Designs - 2017-11-01

StarMist - 2017-10-28
When I listen to this, I like to imagine I'm someplace else. I'm lying next to a gentle stream, I can feel the grass in my fingertips. The stars are diamonds in the dark sky and the stream glistens in the moonlight. The pine trees surrounding me are silent, and nothing makes a sound. It's chilly, but I'm comfortable. It's my safehaven.

Ely Greenhut - 2017-10-26

Hadassah Slind - 2017-10-25
I'm literally watching a 11 hour long video and my phone is on 11% battery

Hot pink wolf girl Love girl - 2017-10-24
I felt relaxed and I fell asleep 1 hour ago

Bd guys Travel - 2017-10-23 its totaly amazing view.....

Abdullah Charoo - 2017-10-22
Wastage of time

Minzokai Pu - 2017-10-21
my drawing blockade just melts when i listen to water-stuff like this ..
I wish I could live next to a little River so I could hear it while sleeping

Sofiya K - 2017-10-20
Mesmerizing 🌹

David Wang - 2017-10-19
I SLEPT instead of studying !!!! i want a refund

Poketuber Zie - 2017-10-19
1,200th comment

Vanshika Neol - 2017-10-18
I think that I found my dream music of water flowing, it's my favourite one!!😙😙
Thanks for making such a good video

KKGAMINGSHOW K - 2017-10-16
I love this we do it all the time at night time it calms me down

Angela Angela - 2017-10-14

Jacob Brown - 2017-10-12
My mom said one more video before bed chose this one cuz its soooooooo long

Welsh Communist - 2017-10-11
Fell asleep and found myself 7hrs into the vid at 2% battery when I woke up :/

atifayuob - 2017-10-10
Now I know what they mean by 'nature calls'

Woofy - 2017-10-10
I am now scared of water

judas split - 2017-10-08
we are all the samethis is wewe are here to help to be we

Katie Louise Watson - 2017-10-04
I listen to this every night when I'm reading my book it's so relaxing love it !

Poketuber Zie - 2017-10-02
for silence go to 11:30:00

Gee Kay - 2017-10-01
not a sound Texans want to hear these days

Mohammad M - 2017-09-30
Bismillahi alrahman al rahim

Ceci Vasquez - 2017-09-29
Q relajacion

WolfGaming8753 - 2017-09-25
I want to play minecraft now

Quinn Dymond - 2017-09-23
Wanted to relax before going to bed. And what do I get? An "IT" commercial right before this video. Guess no sleep for me

Magali Contreras - 2017-09-21
If a river was gentle this what it would sound like

Joe Wooders - 2017-09-19
Anyone still here

Meghan Davis - 2017-09-15
This vido I only play 40 scend and I hade to pee

Samir Ibrahim - 2017-09-13
Drip, drip, drip, SPLASH

rassell vort - 2017-09-11
Что это ? Если хочешь на природу то можно выйти и посмотреть вокруг , если хочешь глухой лес можно съездить и посмотреть и отдохнуть !

pixel girl - 2017-09-10
This is beautiful and very soothing, thank you 😊

Shenandoah - 2017-09-08
Wow, I can't believe all the negative and rude comments.  This video is so calming.  If I am having trouble sleeping, I listen to this and fall asleep in 10 minutes or less.

Skycat Xx - 2017-09-05
Is anyone here because they can't sleep and have school tomorrow

Motorbikegirll L - 2017-09-02
Am I the only one who gets focused but relaxed by this at the same time? I literally have this quietly playing in my bedroom whilst I study so thanks creator :)

Conqwiztadore22 - 2017-08-30
trying to download as an wake up alarm clock, why is it 11 hours long wth

Aj Steel - 2017-08-26
I was in a different galaxy