Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Live 💀 YAW Live Stream (Apr 20, 2017)

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Live 💀 YAW Live Stream (Apr 20, 2017)
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Simon Timmins - 2017-04-27
when are you doing anther live stream

Captain _Max - 2017-04-27
Ive been here since you guys started L4D2

Jacob Tomlin - 2017-04-27
meaty is such a fukn douche bag type player. never listens to gunns who is obviously the better gamer..when meaty isn't hanging him out to dry

Trey anderson - 2017-04-26
never leaving been here since 2013

Wyatt Newman - 2017-04-26
LOL been here since 2012 too. :)

Joann Barber - 2017-04-26
uh duh the 22 rifle

HeaDDoG Channel - 2017-04-26
I've been here when they first started youalwayswin there first videos if I'm right was minecraft

The top minecraft gamer Thegamingvhannel - 2017-04-25
You guys are the best never quit YOUTUBE

Cody Gettler - 2017-04-25
you guys need to make more of these vids

Steven Steinbach - 2017-04-25
Live YouTube stream went really well guys. I hope to see a lot more on here. Thanks for the video!

Rhys Turner - 2017-04-25
Go for the military base next time

Rhys Turner - 2017-04-24
Heck I remember when you played on world at war

Rhys Turner - 2017-04-24
I love the live stream brotha been watching for 3 years

Happy Vloggers - 2017-04-24
the most enjoyable video in a long time

Magicrune 262 - 2017-04-24
always you win ILL LIKE UR VIDIOS MAN ;D

elscarface - 2017-04-24
i cant believe i missed it,,any one knows when they are going to stream again?

theworldsnotbad - 2017-04-24
More plz.

JELAiRE PATANE - 2017-04-23
I missed it but it was yesterday when it started it's OK but I'm still sad

SallouZilla - 2017-04-23
the boat was road kill 100% Dice pls lol

Caleb Dunchus - 2017-04-23
Love YAW, all good content. Hope to see more live steaming.

Alexander Wigginton - 2017-04-23
Can you use Xbox one controller in it

F. Razzr - 2017-04-23
More streams

Ian Lopez - 2017-04-23
how much is battleground

Jackie Aubrey - 2017-04-22
You guys are the best

Jackie Aubrey - 2017-04-22
Am I late

Jackie Aubrey - 2017-04-22
When you next cod game

Jackie Aubrey - 2017-04-22
Hey I'm a big fan

Gavin Renner - 2017-04-22
Thanks for the stream... awesomeness!

Veverly Hoffenkamp - 2017-04-22
u guys should do a DLC map

ScOtTiSh ShToVii - 2017-04-22
when is the next Stream 💪

Rx machine Xx - 2017-04-22
Love the T-shirt meaty

Elizabeth Haslam - 2017-04-22
u r so good

LoanWolf Vlogs - 2017-04-22
just started watching but ur prob not going to see this but the vector just came out its pretty rare I don't have PC but I will in about 2 years that's a long long time but I'll have it

Cody Moore - 2017-04-22
both of yall are awesome keep up the good work love ur videos

bigjake 32008 - 2017-04-22
play more

Matthew Cerracchio - 2017-04-22
Been here since before 100k 😊

Aaron Fisher - 2017-04-22

Cristian Sanchez2210 - 2017-04-22

Patrick Jensen - 2017-04-22
love the live steaming sadly i could not make it at the time cause it is in middle of the night. but i would be watching future streams

Aaron Fisher - 2017-04-22

Prince Maajo Gutierrez Lugod - 2017-04-22
I'm so sorry Meaty and Gunns I missed the livestream. I'm so sorry guys.

Deddrick Bryson - 2017-04-22

Deddrick Bryson - 2017-04-22

Mango22 A - 2017-04-21

OMGitsnightmare Gaming - 2017-04-21
they should put facecam for normal vids :D

Jason Huddleston - 2017-04-21
dont just shoot please it's annoying

Snakeyes R - 2017-04-21
Guns looks like a girl

Jacob Blanton - 2017-04-21
dlc for gohst recon

MLG _Piggie - 2017-04-21
do more more more!!! :D

Mason Mccoy - 2017-04-21
This was amazing video you guys are amazing