Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Live Stream – Day 2 | The Star Wars Show LIVE!

Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Live Stream – Day 2 | The Star Wars Show LIVE!
Watch The Star Wars Show LIVE!'s complete live stream of day two at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, including interviews on the stage, panels, and much more! 


mattmaster1000 - 2017-04-27
1:25:51 thats me holding up the last jedi poster!

SW 81004 - 2017-04-24
6:41:56 space panda?

SW 81004 - 2017-04-24
4:30:07 nooooooooooo

Lechnology - 2017-04-23
5:33:33 Bendu's prediction of Thrawn's defeat, "many arms surrounding you in a cold embrace.”

im the deathtrooper at 1:00:03 giving a thumbs up to the poster!!!!

J.J. Park - 2017-04-22
Speaking of heroines of Star Wars, my favorite heroine (no matter what any one says) is Revan. I would love, Love, LOVE if they made a movie or show about Revan. How cool would it be to have a strong female character who was a Jedi, turned to the dark side to become a cool Sith Lord, and then redeemed herself to become an even better Jedi (who still sorta played by her own rules)? Movies and shows usually only feature women who are either purely good or wholly bad. I think that it would be amazing to show someone who was really neither "the light nor the darkness" but someone who was kinda in the middle, and redeemed herself, but still saw the flaws in the Jedi Order. It would be so unique to show the variety of colors this character has, from the strength and confidence she has to even the vulnerability and uncertainty and perhaps even fear when she discovers her identity of having been the Dark Lord Revan and the determination that comes after to continue. I think it would be a great story to take to either the TV or movie screen.

KallaBeccani - 2017-04-22
Ok So I am going to have to laugh here as I was featured at the 3:35:00 mark... I am the white wookiee dancing. I take a lot of pride in this costume even if she wasn't quite finished but wearable enough for Celebration.

Mr. Assassin - 2017-04-21
Amazing panel by Mark! I had tears in my eyes. We will never forget you Carrie.

Mr. Assassin - 2017-04-21
Andi looks amazing in Jyn's clothes!

Darrf - 2017-04-21
That fade to black is too much for me. Thank you Carrie.

Darrf - 2017-04-21
Oh god. Daisy is the most adorable girl. Cannot process. In love since day one.

Dan Black - 2017-04-20
1:44:15 - Hah, great joke, but I think only a quarter of the crowd (or less) made the connection. It was a bit of a stealth joke. Well done!

bikerscout 74 - 2017-04-20
Wonderful tribute! Well done Mark and Warrick! Carrie would have loved it!

Talon Diwisch - 2017-04-20
There's so many awesome humble people a part of Star Wars, including Warwick Davis, Mark Hamill, the hosts, Andi and Anthony, David Collins, Sam Witwer, etc. I love it. Thanks for the awesome panel at the end, Mark.

Victoria - 2017-04-19
I see 400 stormtroopers decided to stop by.

The Doctor - 2017-04-19
Thanks for the close-ups in the crowd of some of the sexiest T-70 Resistance pilots you'll find :)
(at 5:03:50 to about 5:07:00)

Caleb - 2017-04-19
The scar on Kylo's face just like Anakin's. Except Kylo Ren is on the dark side and Anakin was on the light. Maybe the result of Kylo will be opposite of Anakin and he'll come over to the light side and Rey with fall to the dark side. Would be pretty crazy to see that happen.

James Clarke - 2017-04-18
sexy mando comes into focus at 5:37:54 haha

kalj - 2017-04-18
"Are you guys excited about that ?!"

Treebeard - 2017-04-18
Mark's tribute was perfect.

XpertPro - 2017-04-18
2:51:14 this guy has some serious dance moves lol

NYPEN MTB - 2017-04-18
luke will be the last jedi because he will end the order with him. not because he quits, but just to embrace a different philosophy. times have changed that being one with the light (jedi) or dark side alone is not enough, it will be about the balance between the two which the galaxy needs.

Talon Diwisch - 2017-04-18
Why is that they take people off the stage in these panels to bring on new ones? It would have been awesome to see Hayden Christensen and Mark Hamill on stage together for example.

TRAGICTACTICS - 2017-04-18
That host girl with the curly hair during the mid panel parts is pretty good looking

artdebogallery - 2017-04-18
Loved being there. And love seeing yourself on it live. Forever! Yahoo! haha

Pawlacz - 2017-04-17

nuno vinagre - 2017-04-17
thank you and thank Verizon for the live stream, first time for me , it was great , great job , thank you, when Celebration Europe begins ? When tickets available ? And how about live streaming again !? thank you

Ricky Lillo - 2017-04-17
En el trailer podria ser el planeta donde esta Luck...

Dreadlord Bedrock - 2017-04-17
Judging by how Dave was looking straight through the camera at us, i think he is a Sith Lord.

Dreadlord Bedrock - 2017-04-17
I think Daisy forgot her Rey action figure. Were they ment to take them with them?

John Tully - 2017-04-17
Why didn't they stream the Rogue One panel they advertised???

xLethalic :3 - 2017-04-17

Jonathon Ryback - 2017-04-17
Long live the memory of Carrie Fisher! I was brought to tears seeing her quote her famous line, "Help me Obiwan Kenobi your my only hope."

xLethalic :3 - 2017-04-17
1:46:48 and 1:47:38
Omg they're from my hometown, Houston Tx! ;D

Jonathon Ryback - 2017-04-17
I have a question. As I've been watching my way through the live steams I have begun to pick up that we at home only get access to certain panels. Am I correct? The others you would have to be there and pay for? That is cool if that is the case. Can anyone help me out? I'm asking this because I just made it to the part where are super nice star wars host are doing an interview with the guy that just did his behind the scenes panel of rouge one at around 4 hours and 57 minutes in.

P1tchB1ack - 2017-04-16
1:25:55 That imperial officer on the left was hot

Death Tube - 2017-04-16
Anthony: "Who here is going to see Episode 8?"
Me: Dude you're at freaking Star Wars Celebration.

PickaxeTube HD - 2017-04-16
2:10 gave me goosebumps

CASboy - 2017-04-16
Ya star wars finally , its really been 40 years :) anyways i love star wars can 't wait for next one aughhhhh!!! 8 more months gosh darn it. I also love harrison ford, mark hamill and sadly carrie fisher we will always remember her every time i watch star wars the original trilogy
:( and Kenny baker.

jediantilles - 2017-04-16
Thank you for posting these, it's like being at the convention!

Eric Piche - 2017-04-16
Warwick Davis is a great entertainer.

christian caldwell - 2017-04-16
Hey, Star Wars is great and all, but this showed up in my alert feed even though I've never subscribed or even visited this channel. I don't mean to make a scene, but this is a bigger deal than it seems. Star Wars clearly paid YouTube to push this advertisement, disguising it as a notification.

Please stop this youtube. Keep advertisements within their designated area. Don't be shady. Don't try to sneak advertisements into my content. It is dishonest and a little creepy.

phalweev - 2017-04-16
Seeing mark talk about carrie is my everything

Flaymer - 2017-04-16
Ashoka and Rey in the same place OMG

ImonlyJK - 2017-04-16
Isn't that guy dressed up as Han Solo at 20:33 the guy who has the greatest Peter Griffon impression?

Ramiro Lasala ® - 2017-04-16
Where are Harloff & Campea to dissect the trailer???????????????????????

Katie Farrell - 2017-04-16
Go to about 4:47:00 ish to see me, I'm the jyn with the daisy in her hair

Darth Korn - 2017-04-16
Haha I saw myself in the livestrram

John Duwe - 2017-04-16
Just wondering , is there actual a Heroes of Star Wars panel as well. Must say I do like watching the live stream , but if you think about it , isn't it just one long continuous ad.

DrPickleful - 2017-04-15
Find Waldo