How to Pick the Scariest Horror/Halloween Outfit

It is Halloween and you are having difficulty picking an outfit? Here are some pointers that can help you decide what to wear as you go our trick or treating, or attend a party.

Be yourself, make your own style

Decide on the kind of image or appearance you want to make this Halloween? Do you want to go sexy? Scary? Funny? Mean? Lively? Halloween is a chance for you to project an image you do not usually show to others or something you have always wanted to be. It can also be the kind of costume that would magnify the image everyone knows you as.

Colors must match

The color of the costume must correspond to whatever Halloween persona you want to assume. If you are the type who always wear black, being a witch or vampire would suit you rather than a fairy or angel. If you usually wear green, an elf is the most likely costume you would wear; blue is for any water-based entity and so on. It goes without saying, the colors need to correspond to the persona you will assume or is associated with your Halloween alter ego.

Recall what you may have worn previously

If you have been doing this for a long time, it is very likely you might not want to wear the same thing again. You might probably want to enhance your costume or turn it into a different one. Of course, there are some outfits that may have become trite or “boring” to wear like a ghost or skeleton costume. You just need to be mindful of your budget if you plan to wear something different this Halloween.

Think of your interests, get inspiration

Like cosplayers, you would want to assume an identity of someone related to your favorite subject. If you follow Japanese comics and animation, you might want to go out as your favorite character. If you follow cult classics such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter or even Game of Thrones, you would definitely want to assume the persona of your favorite character. Or if your budget is too tight, keep it simple and perhaps go out dressed as your favorite pet or food. The options are endless.

Be mindful of your budget

In stating the obvious, getting or making a Halloween costume will cost money. You must know how much money you are willing to allocate in getting a costume. If your budget is small or you do not have enough, keep it simple. If you have a lot to spare, then that is the time you can go all out in getting the best costume you can find. It is highly recommended you get a set rather than buy accessories separately which may cost more. With a set, you get everything for a single price.

Keep time in mind, no pressure

Make sure you have enough time, especially if you decide to make your own costume. It is best recommended you prepare at least a month ahead of Halloween. This gives you plenty of time not only to prepare but make sudden changes if something comes into your mind all of a sudden. This is better than feeling pressured at the last minute.

Above all, it is all about having fun. Do not sweat our the small stuff. Just put on your costume and paint the town red!