How to Stop Opening Advertisements on Google Chrome

Online ads are always a nuisance. But it can be more dangerous because of the malware they can carry. Unbeknownst to everyone, Google Chrome has a way to keep ads from opening in websites. If you are trying to get a fix for Firefox, it becomes a little bit more difficult. Below we solely focus on Google Chrome, and how to get rid of pop-ups and pop-unders from opening on websites without your consent.

Enabling the pop-up blocker

  1. Open Settings from the Google Chrome menu.
  2. Choose Show advanced settings.
  3. Under Content Settings, look for the Privacy section, and choose Content Settings.
  4. Under the Pop-ups section, choose Do not allow allow site to show pop-ups.
  5. Save the settings by clicking OK.
  6. Browse sites to test the newly applied settings.


Installing the AdBlock extension

  1. Open Google Chrome, go to Resources, and download the AdBlock extension.
  2. Choose the Add to Chrome option.
  3. To confirm and install the addition, choose Add.
  4. After adding the extension, the effect is immediate. No need to relaunch Chrome.