Saving Money with a Rental Car

We always try to find ways to save money. With carrentals there is no exception and they have potential for you to save. But there is more than meets the eye and if you are not careful, you are in for a shock by the time you are handed the receipt and have that “I did not know about it” look in your face. This article serves to help you find ways on how to save or get the best deal when you rent a car.

Put Gas Yourself

When you turn in the car, make sure there is enough gas in the tank. Of course, you can ask the agency to fill it up themselves but in doing so, be prepared to shell out a lot of money. Your best bet is to fill the tank up and everybody will be happy.

Early Booking

Take advantage of “early bird specials” car rental companies may offer. There is a likelihood the rates may increase as the date you will rent the car gets closer. In addition, the longer you wait, you might be forced to get more expensive rides as the less expensive ones may not be available because somebody else got them.

Go Small

It is advisable you get the smallest size vehicle because they are less expensive; the larger the vehicle, the higher the price. If it will be used by a group or family, there are rental companies that may offer small sport utility vehicles and minivans. If you will be the only user, a compact car should suffice.

No Rental Insurance

Expect to have the option to pay extra for insurance costs. This is to prevent you from being charged extra in case you have an accident, whether someone crashed into your rental or you accidentally damage it. If you plan to forego this option, make sure you have an auto insurance policy  through your credit cards.

Reposition Vehicles for a Rental Agency

Do not expect your rental car to be delivered to you by agents. More often than not, you have to pick it up yourself. It would be a big inconvenience if it is in an out of the way or is not part of your itinerary. The ideal is to find an agency that matches your travel itinerary which will save you money.

Ask for a Discount

In stating the obvious, it never hurts to ask for a discount. But this will depend on the circumstances. They might be having a sales promotion. You might qualify if you are a senior citizen, person with disability, first responder, and uniformed personnel or a member of the armed forces.

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