Strategy: this is how you win the jackpot, possible?

It is everybody’s dream and fervent wish to win the lottery. Many say that if they won the lottery, they would buy that dream house, or go on that dream vacation, or pay off all their loans. And some do make the investment in playing the lottery. A lottery ticket costs USD 2.35. For games with matching numbers, the price can range from USD 11.75 to USD 29.38. But is it all worth the money?

People have bought books and have done their research online just to discover the real secret in winning that elusive jackpot. They have tried playing many different games, go to different places, play online like mobile jackpot games but to no avail. Is winning the lottery only a dream or can it be a reality?

Previous Winners

It is definitely possible to win the lottery and the jackpot. Take the case of American Joan Ginther who has won the lottery 4x and has taken home over USD 21 million. Or American Richard Lustig who has won the lottery an impressive 7x, with total winnings of USD 1 million. But they did not win overnight, mind. Ginther and Lustig started gambling in 1993 and 1992, respectively. We may know their winnings but we are not privy to the amount they have spent all this time on lottery tickets.

Tips & Tricks

While you may find many tips and tricks shared everywhere, there is no tried and tested formula for ensuring a win, there are definitely some suggestions to increase your chances of winning. Lustig suggests that you do not limit the numbers you pick to dates. That eliminates numbers 32 to 999. But if you think you have a good number combination there, stick with it. If at first you don’t succeed, as the old adage goes, try and try again. See if you can enter your ticket to second-chance games.

A woman was able to bring home USD 120,000 net after playing a second-chance game with her losing ticket. Another way to increase your chances of winning is to buy multiple tickets. However, tickets cost money and they can accumulate over time. You can check with trusted family members or friends if they want to do a lottery pool with you.

You have to admit that it is all about luck and chances and probability. Did you know that the likelihood of winning the EuroMillions jackpot is 1:139 million? As jackpots go, this has the highest probability of winning. The chances of winning in the PowerBall is 1:292 million, while for the MegaMillions, it is 1:302 million. The chances of giving birth to identical quadruplets is actually better, at 1:13 million. You also might get struck by lightning 4x than winning the jackpot as the chances are 1:10 million.