These are the best games to play while you’re on the road

Going on a road trip with family or friends can both be exciting or boring. You can talk and chat or sing along your favorite tunes while traveling. But these can get boring after a few hours. When this happens, you need to turn to fun games you can play while on the road. Although passengers can check out the best casino websites in the UK, it is unfortunate that the driver cannot. But at least there are games that the driver can participate in to keep him or her alert and awake during the long drive. 


Fortunately – Unfortunately  

Entertain yourselves and let your creative juices flowing with “Fortunately-Unfortunately.” Each player starts with a positive statement with “Fortunately.” The next player negates that with an “Unfortunately” statement. The next player looks at the bright side of that negative statement, giving a “Fortunately” statement. Then, the next player brings a downer with an “Unfortunately” statement. For example: 1) Fortunately, it is a sunny day today. 2) Unfortunately, we are susceptible to skin cancer. 3) Fortunately, we have a cure for skin cancer. 4) Unfortunately, it is available on Mars. And so on, so forth. See where the twists take you! It can be as logical as you want or as illogical as you want. 


Movie Game 

This is awesome for movie buffs. Start with a name a movie, then name an actor from that movie. The next player names another movie by that actor. Then the next player gives the name of another actor from that film. This will turn out to be circus soon as you connect various actors and movies, based on where they appeared. For example: 1) Fast and the Furious (movie). 2) Vin Diesel (actor from Fast and the Furious). 3) XXX (another movie by Vin Diesel). 4) Samuel L. Jackson (another actor from XXX). 5) The Avengers (another movie Samuel L. Jackson starred in). And the list goes on and on.  


Name that song 

For song buffs, they will surely enjoy playing this game. You can use your car stereo or your smartphone. If you use your car’s radio, make sure the title of the song was not mentioned nor the song title displayed on the screen. If you use your smartphone, shuffle your playlist to make it more fun. As you play the song, guess the song and/or singer. Each correct guess gets a point. You can play in teams or individually. You can even make it more challenging by adding a bet, similar to Name that Tune. You can bet how many seconds it will take for you to guess the song.   



Inspired by the movie, Pitch Perfect, where they finish each other’s songs. The one who gets stumped is kicked out of the game. The last person or team standing is the winner. So here is how it goes. You start off with a song. As you sing, the next player can chime in with the last word you used to sing another line from a song that starts with that word. Then, the next player chimes in with another line from another song, using the last word used by the previous player. If you want to up the ante, you can add categories, like in the movie. You can pick music genres, or select a particular artist, or album… The possibilities are endless.