Unexpected things you can do with your mobile

It is quite common to see people on their phones calling and texting someone. But over time, mobile phones could do more than that. With today’s technology, there is almost nothing your smartphone cannot do. Aside from the basic calls and texts, it is quite common to see people surf the internet, use email, take pictures and shoot videos, play games, and make online payments on their phones.

Since then, smartphone functions have increased. Did you know that some movies were shot on a mobile phone? Like Steven Sodenberg’s Unsane and Sean Baker’s Tangerine. You can also attend and participate in meetings or conference via live streaming. Even play mobile online casino games on your phone.

If those were not enough, Apple, Samsung, and other companies have made sure that what you can do on your PC, you can also do now with your phone and more.

Start your engine

With everything connected now, you can connect your smartphone to your smart car. Through apps like Viper SmartStart, you can lock and unlock your car even without taking your phone out of your pocket. You can also start your car without a key! A pretty nifty idea for people who always misplace or lose their car keys.

Check your health

Another remarkable thing that your smartphone can do is check your heart rate. Simply use apps like Instant Heart Rate, put your finger on the camera, and it gives an instant read of your heart rate and stress levels. Reports can be sent to your doctor as well.

Project a road map

This one is a shocker as we have only seen this in movies. Augmented reality in movies leave us in awe. And it is now available in real life. Apps like Hudway helps you navigate your way through roads. When visibility is zero on foggy or snowy days, use Hudway to project a map of the road on your windshield so you can drive comfortably. So very Tony Stark-like!

DIY it

If you are into DIY stuff, this will knock your socks off. Not only can you find designs online or apps that will help you design a room and all, you can turn it into a handy tool. There are apps like Handy Tools for DIY LITE that turns your phone into a surface level, a plumb bob, a protractor, a ruler, and a bubble level bar. You don’t need to buy these physical tools at all. And most of these apps are free for download!

Watch your baby

Parents would love this one. By installing apps like Baby Monitor Annie, you can use your phone as a baby monitor. Apps offer live video, connection to a smartwatch, turn on the audio so you can talk to your baby remotely, play lullabies for your child, and monitor up to 4 babies at a time.